It's getting close to the holidays. I'm busy with preparations and also working on some illustrations (mainly for my thesis) and I am playing around with a rough illustration for a friend's children's book idea. Here's a portion of it (below).

I am also assembling my portfolio and the upcoming SCBWI conference is giving me the impetus to do that.  I want to put in about 12-15 pieces.

I dug up my old portfolio (blew the dust off it) and discovered that it's larger than the SCBWI regulation size for the event so I decided to order a custom portfolio featuring my new branding. Well I love it.

Here's a photo. It says "a window into my world" above the window cutout. It's a screw post design which means I can put in the number of pages I want.

I ordered it from Klo portfolios, a Vancouver based company. They did a fabulous job. Highly recommend.

Now I am busy filling it.