OLA Super Conference and Preparing for SCBWI

Too many acronyms in my blog title. I was told that SCBWI is pronounced "skib-wee" and that's how I have been saying it. I could be wrong however I'll find out at the upcoming conference.

My portfolio, postcards and business cards are finally ready for the SCBWI conference! Those are mine below on the left. On the right is the beautiful work of Carol Schwartz (she's illustrated MANY books!). Her website is csillustration.com. She's coming along with some other MFA classmates (looking forward to seeing you guys!!).

Also looking forward to seeing my friend, Debbie Ridpath Ohi!!!

Next challenge: stuffing everything into a carry-on bag.  :-)

Last week I had my very first book signing for Grace at the OLA Super Conference (Metro Toronto Convention Centre). Fun to sign the books (I am still getting used to Grace being a tangible object as the book just came out last week!) and nice to meet Laureen (pictured below) and Kate of Thomas Allen and Sons (distributor for Holiday House in Canada).