Mystical Mystic

Right after graduation I went on a road trip to Mystic Connecticut with good friends (see below).

Loved Mystic! Had lobster rolls and celebratory champagne and generally ran amuck. Had a fabulous time!

Here are a few photos (above) of the view from a historic 19th century lighthouse at Stonington Harbour, the Mystic drawbridge, the beach at Stonington and a photo taken at Captain Nathaniel Brown Palmer's house (he discovered Antarctica).

We wandered into a bookstore and on a whim I asked if they had the book GRACE. The store clerk looked it up on the computer and then turned to us and said "yes", then led us to the children's section. They had it!!!

OK the reason for my excitement (and my friends can attest to my unbridled joy!) was that this was my first GRACE sighting in a store! It's available online (Amazon, Chapters etc) and in some T.O. stores however I have never actually seen it in a bookstore!


So when the store clerk realized I was the writer illustrator he ran off to get those "signed by the author" stickers. Meanwhile there was a couple standing in the general vicinity of our commotion and to make this longish story short they have a 6 year old daughter named Grace! What are the odds?? So they bought the book then sent a photo of their daughter reading it! (many thanks if you're reading this!!). It was all so coincidental and a lot of fun!