Subway Sketches

I have been both drawing and riding the TTC all my life, so it was only natural to combine the two. Carrying my sketchbook wherever I go, I enjoy drawing folks on buses and subway.     
Materials: watercolour paper or Moleskine, pencil, pens and markers.


Mother's Love

A protective arm around her daughter while keeping an eye on her son. (Subway heading north from Bloor)


Fur Trapper Hat

Not everyone can pull off a fur trapper hat. This guy totally rocks it. He had style so I drew him.
(Subway heading south from Eglinton West)


Great Hat

Loved this kid's hat.
(Subway north: Eglinton to Finch)




She was not aware I was drawing her; she was in her own musical world. (Southbound 97 Yonge bus)



Woman engrossed in a book. (Subway south to Queen)